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About us

Palometrics Archlab (PAL) is a multi-disciplinary lab studio that incorporates architecture, urbanism, and the visual arts. Based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, PAL was founded in 2012 and is led by Carlos & Diego and a group of collaborators, among professionals and artists in the field. The philosophy of our studio is very focused on process. Intensive research is initially performed which then results into a series of diagrams, which helps us to shape and bring to life prototypes supported by digital technologies for its manipulation and evolution. It’s by this dialogue that we have established a plural connection between design, research and production.

about palometrics
Carlos Palomera
Founder & Architect
Karoll González
Creative Director
Architect & Partner

What we do?

Services we offer to create amazing things

Architectural design

Using technology to visualize and with our experience in spatial design we satisfy your requirementes at any project. All our design take into account the physical environment, functionality, construction and financial viability to find the most suitable solution.

Construction Documentation

Preparation of plans and technical drawings that will provide the necessary information to analyze the object or objective, help its design and enable its construction.

Project Management

Efficiency and effectiveness for the development of architectural and setting projects, following our philosophy focused on the process and supported by technology to maximize the resources and minimize the time of design and construction.

Architectural Visualizations

The renders will help us to give a realistic appearance from any perspective of the model and thus show more detail of the final result.

Interior design

We devise, create and innovate interior and exterior spaces with a modern and avant-garde touch, adapting and modifying it to satisfy the needs of our clients.

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