Passion that is based on learning. He is passionate about learning. He likes to learn. He loves architecture and what it involves. He talked to Maxwell about his professional experience and what motivates him to be better every day.

Carlos Palomera

About Carlos Palomera

Carlos Palomera worked in Hong Kong along with one of his teachers from the university. Then he traveled to Europe in order to continue to feed his passion for the art of designing and building. He came back and and he did his thesis in Oaxaca. He says:

"Going to other countries was very good and enriching, however I like to practice in my city, I know where I came from and I have my feet in the ground".

Carlos was born in Puerto Vallarta, he studied his career in the United States and he assures that College opened the door of creativity for him. He has always loved studying. School and learning have been his passion.

"I know I wanted to do something important in my life, I've always thought I would be a doctor or an engineer. When I went to the United States I started working in a company dedicated to creating landscapes"

, he said.

maxwell portada

Looking for growth. He has lived and worked as an architect in Puerto Vallarta. Nowadays he works for one of the Constructions Companies that has one of the most important developments in the bay: Garza Blanca. He also has his own studio called Palometrics Arch Lab, that is dedicated to architectural investigation. Nowadays Carlos and his team of collaborators are doing a study of structures in all the districts in Vallarta in order to create a giant model that they will present in a dynamic way to the inhabitants of the city in December.

With the model's creation they are looking for the people of Puerto Vallarta to learn more about their port.

My goal with this project is to let people know that architect is not only building, but also creating


By: Sabrina Peña | Photo: H Creative Studio.