Los Danzantes Pavilion

Los Danzantes is derived from the creation of this piece which unfolds in its four petals as a dancer will move on the cusp of the mountain. Our role for this project was from the beginning the conceptualization and development of a multipurpose space that would be an ICON for the resort Garza Blanca. The site is located on the cusp of a mountain with a privileged view. Understanding the scale and magnitude of the structure, a symmetrical organic structure is presented. The piece is centered on the top and responds to the panoramic views of the place. The materials were selected for as they are local materials and also for their structural properties and flexibility for the creation of complex shapes. Thus, the bamboo diagrid and the palapa cover form the large interior and exterior surfaces, forming a piece that symbolizes an arched dancer resting in this position.



TAFER Resorts


Direction of Architectural Design, Executive Design and Visualizations